UniFi DAO v1

The Governance Model and Processes

Of course, the Cosmos SDK x/gov module provides fairly comprehensive functionality with regard to collective decision-making.

For any Cosmos SDK blockchains that implements on-chain governance, network participants can effectively make changes to the protocol, including upgrades and parameters.

Signaling proposals help gauge the beliefs in various ecosystems. Also, there is often a community tax, which directs a portion of inflationary block rewards to a pool for spending for stakeholders to allocate via on-chain voting.

Typically, the problem with on-chain governance is efficiency. UniFi hopes to build a complementary system that empowers Cosmos hubs / zones. We are different from the well-organized Cosmos Governance Working Group, which is dedicated to the Cosmos Hub. Our focus will be on the universe of digital finance.

Learn more about Cosmos Hub governance: https://github.com/gavinly/CosmosGWG

Having been inspired by the ATOM2021 vision, the Secret Network community is developing a plan called SCRT2021, and I hope other networks will add to the overall set of goals and tasks. This UniFi “DAO” is really intended to support existing processes across the board with streamlined collaboration and executive decision-making. Zaki Manian, Taariq Lewis, and others in the Cosmos ecosystem have stepped up to make this possible, and it seems like now is a good time for kickstarting sustainable growth and more positive impact around the world.

Yes, it’s necessary for ATOM holders to maintain control of the Hub protocol. However, other initiatives can be resourced in experimental, meritocratic ways to potentially develop valuable solutions. Do you know what is required to launch competitive DeFi products in a multi-chain environment? Join the UniFi Cosmos group on Telegram to share insights and get involved.

Efficiently Making Decisions Together

Now that we have briefly discussed our flexible processes of UniFi governance, let’s delve into the specific procedures that will be used to distribute funds and coordinate projects. Our main goal is to connect and empower important contributors to make good stuff happen.

Currently, our plan is as follows:

  1. NON-BINDING VOTES will be conducted off-chain using the native Telegram poll in the public UniFi Cosmos group

  2. BINDING VOTES will be conducted publicly as well and votes will be measured by the ATOM contribution to the multisgnature steering committee wallet
  3. MULTI-SIG allocation of the funds ~ denominated in ATOM
  4. Spreadsheet of commitments will be used to keep track of the whitelist of contributing Cosmos addresses
  5. No Donation Without Representation

The UniFi members will introduce various proposals for this community of communities to potentially fund. Initially, resources will be gathered in a single denomination, ATOM, but eventually, other currencies might be accepted. Furthermore, specific project budgets could have new multi-sig authorities.

Ideally, this promotes greater accountability for the purpose of unifying the Cosmos ecosystem to realize our emergent value is worth more than the sum of its parts. Transparent collaboration and cooperation facilitate creativity, driving progress toward common goals.

Discussions on the Iniital roadmap may continue in Telegram UniFi Cosmos