UniFi DAO v1

Universal Finance in the Cosmos Ecosystem

The Steering Committees

Any DAO member may propose a steerring committee multisignature wallet. Execution of voting proposals by members will require spending of voting funds in favor of the proposal. Those fees and funds are controlled by a multi-signature wallet of each of the UniFi steering committees.

UniFi DAO Steering Committee 101:

UniFi DAO Proposoal Number 101
DAO Multisignature Wallet Address cosmos1p42rkz95dgk0laeqpwlp0y8d70j6psc6vhzxjz
Zaki Manian Iqlusion
Martin Dyring-Andersen e-Money
Dean Tribble Agoric
Tor Bair Secret Network
Taariq Lewis Promise

The spending of funds will require a 3/5 agreement to spend or 3 out of 5 signature transaction.

An initial DAO Roadmap of Deliverables

What will this organization deliver with any funds collected?

  1. ATOM vote and funding framework that Cosmos community of chains may use to execute initiatives. Organize the first #UniFi event in order to introduce the Cosmos community to the exciting opportunities for DeFi throughout the Cosmos. Introduce Steering committee and DAO contributors Introduce Cosmos DeFi presentations from contributors & community members

  2. Launch the ATOM 2021 initiative for Cosmos consensus upgrades to enable ATOM staking and DeFi features on the Cosmos Hub including:

    • Implementation of Peggy on the CosmosHub
    • Automated Market Maker on CosmosHub
    • Staking derivatives for ATOMs
    • Wallet Transaction fees supported by Cosmos Hub validators

Discussions on the Iniital roadmap may continue in Telegram UniFi Cosmos