UniFi DAO v1

Universal Finance in the Cosmos Ecosystem


We will unify the Cosmos universe of blockchains and accelerate participation in the DeFi economy.

Purpose of the DAO

To enable the community to easily and quickly coordinate the funding and delivery of interoperable solutions unique to the Cosmos universe.


Successfully participate in and redefine “decentralized finance” in the Cosmos universe and greater blockchain ecosystem.


The DAO is a collection of steering committee wallets and proposals (UPs) tasked to acquire ATOM votes submitted by the community. This website will host the proposals and the steering committees that will execute on approved proposals.


Any member of the DAO may propose a vote with a steering committee to fulfill the vote results. Votes are tallied in ATOMs and measured to a proposal threshold. The UniFi DAO governance is meant to support the other governance structures of the blockchains in the Cosmos universe.

DAO Source of Funds

We propose a simple financing structure for the DAO as follows:

  • Free Membership for anyone to participate in the UniFi DAO
  • UniFi DAO proposals may be submitted for vote with a minimum ATOM requirement of funding the proposal
  • Proposals will be voted in by ATOM payments to a DAO multisig address provided by the UniFi DAO steering committee for that proposal
  • A Proposal vote success will be measured by ATOM deposit to the proposal minimum ATOM requirements
  • Proposal vote failures will see funds returned to voting addresses from the multisig wallet.


These are the Contributing Cosmos universe chains that have launched the UniFi DAO.

  • Microtick ~ synthetics
  • Kava ~ lending and BNB
  • Band ~ decentralized oracles
  • Secret ~ secure computation (focus on privacy-preserving UniFi / secretATOM)
  • Agoric ~ pathway to millions of developers building money legos
  • e-Money ~ frictionless fiat on/off ramp for major currencies
  • Figment ~ validator to the world’s leading Proof of Stake chains
  • Promise ~ proxy re-signature cryptography for finance reputations
  • Iqlusion ~ ATOM 2021, Delphi oracle, KMS integration
  • ixo ~ outcomes funding, Alpha-bonds (risk-adjusted bonding), prediction oracles, NFTs [add your project + description]

Discussions on the Iniital roadmap may continue in Telegram UniFi Cosmos