UP-100: UNIFI Proposal Purpose and Guidelines

UP # Title Status Author Created Updated
100 UP Purpose and Guidelines Active Taariq Lewis taariq@promiseprotocols.com, James Waugh jwaugh19@gmail.com, and others 2020-08-23 2020-08-23

What is UP?

An UP is a UniFi DAO Proposal. It is a proposal document providing information to the Cosmos universe and UniFi membership describing a new funding proposal and go-to-market action plan for new features in the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem. The UP author is responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions.

UP Rationale

We consider UPs to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features, for collecting community input and launching new projects that will benefit the Cosmos universe. We were inspired by Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) and have used that as a guide to organize an open approach to participating in the UniFi DAO.

List of published UP’s

List of Published Ups are here: https://github.com/UniFiDAO/unifidao-proposals

UP Types

  • A Membership UP is a request for to purchase a membership to an association of members who will work to launch a new product or service with help from the community. This is meant as a non-investment participation to allow members to select into a group that will be able to participate in the project as future investors. A membership may have tokens or it may not. It is purely up to the UP proposal authors how they would like to structure membership. However, the goal of this UP is to acquire members who may become investors in the future.

  • An Investment UP is a request for investment. A proposal may request investment with interests in token, equity, or some other interest. The expectation of an investment is that the proposal will handle participation as an investment. An investment may be proposed alongside other investments.

  • A Grant UP is a request for a grant to launch a new product or service with help from the community. This is meant as a supporting grant to any other grant funding or stand alone. It does not require any payment in kind or tokens. It is mainly ideal for researchers seeking small support, very quickly, to pursue Cosmos universe objectives that are of value to the community.

How to Publish an UP?

Fork the Github Repository https://github.com/UniFiDAO/unifidao-proposals and use the template and make a pull request. Alert the UniFi DAO Telegram of your proposal draft and let’s discuss. That’s it!

You can see our active conversations on Telegram here: #UniFi DAO Telegram